2018 Swiss Rally Homepage 2009 Swiss Festival National Rally Pictures (photos by Shyrl Olinger)  

Another great Swiss Festival National Rally is now history. There were 172 units parked in Winklepleck Grove just outside of Sugarcreek, Ohio. There were 29 states represented and 5 units from Ontario, Canada.

We had great entertainment. Plenty of rain and mud, but on Thursday, our day in the park, it was beautiful. There was putt-putt ice cream making, apple butter and bean soup cooking over an open wood fire, Amish buggy rides and much more.
Plans are already iin the making for 2010. Make your plans now to join us for next years 48th Annual Swiss Festival National Rally.

Joann Cubbison
2009 Chairperson



The Swiss Festival National Rally is a “two for one ” rally. You not only get to experience the nationally acclaimed Swiss Festival of Sugarcreek, Ohio but you also get to meet, learn and get to know the wonderful people known as “The Amish” in the largest Amish settlement in the world.

The tours do it all. This year the Rally includes seven tours. You’re going to love it! Obviously you can’t do them all, so you will have to come back again and again.

Check the description of the tours, and decide which one you want to take each day… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Then arrange your CAR POOL and check for departure time in your program book. Listen for the P.A. announcement to line up for your tour. Be sure you have a good CB (CH14) and a full gas tank. Admission fees or charges for stops on the tours are included in your Rally fee, EXCEPT for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Due to the expense of this facility EACH person must pay $5.00 toward the entrance fee and the Rally will pay the balance of the entrance ticket. LUNCH stops will be on your own.

Most tours pass through and visit beautiful Amish farms and businesses. PLEASE! respect the wonderful people who are allowing us to meet them close up and personal.

Remember some businesses will not have electricity. Therefore they may be dark or at least dimly lit by kerosene or propane lamps. Be careful, there may be steps or uneven floors, or equipment on the floor, etc. Some businesses we will visit may be in their barns, so again —BE CAREFUL!

PLEASE WE ASK YOU! do not take pictures of the Amish. Leave your camera in the car if it it’s Amish. Feel free to talk and ask questions of the Amish. Remember, the Amish children do not understand or speak English until they go to school. Do not give gifts to the Amish children or ask them for their addresses.

Drivinafety is our #1 concern. Remember to run with your lights on. Obey all traffic laws. Turn your CB to CH14 and watch out for “slow moving buggies!” (First week in September 2009 three Amish teenagers from the same family were killed when their horse cart was hit from behind by a pick up truck driven by another local teenager.)


PLEASANT VALLEY AMISH SCHOOL. We are so fortunate to get to visitthe Amish Schools. The Amish children are so beautivul and bright. We are one of the very few who get to visit two Amish schools.

PEARL VALLEY CHEESE CO. You will get to see how cheese is made and learn how much milk it takes to make a pound of cheese. Take a cooler with you if you want to stock up. This is the place! Pearl Valley had been making cheese for over 75 years and it continues to receive awards year after year. Recently an International award winner.

WILDCAT WOODCCUTTERS. This Amish farm based business will show you how they produce and market bird boxes and feeders as well as Martin houses. An example of true Amish ingenuity


LUNCH—Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n, 108 E Main St. Baltic, OH

NEW BEDFORD HARNESS AND BOOT. This a true Amish harness shop. A belt from here will out last you. Order a belt and it will be delivered to you at the evening program back at Winklepleck Grove the following day.

WALNUT CREEK CHEESE. This is a new multi-mini mall that was recently expanded with the best ice cream in the country added.


STONY POINT SCHOOL How very fortunate we are to again get to visit with these Amish children and their teachers. Please support the Amish Parents Bake Sale on Thursday.

ABE’S CASKETS. Have you ever wondered about Amish funerals or Amish burials? You will learn here from the Amish man who makes caskets for the Amish in the area. He makes around 100 a year.

JACOB’S SHOW HORSES, INC. This lavish horse farm is a breeder of world champion quarter horses that win prizes at shows throughout the United States. You will get a real education at this beautiful facility.

ERBCO CUSTOM COVER. This Amish business is no stranger to Airstreamers. Many have had awnings replaced or wheel covers of flag covers made by ERBCO.


PIONEER EQUIPMENT, INC. (NEW) Manafacturer of Amish tools and farm equipment.

P. GRAHAM DUNN GALLERY. Described by others as “Moving”, “Stunning”, “Breathtaking”. You will be given a guided tour of the entire operation at their new location. This ultra modern operation located in the heart of Amish country.

LUNCH—Das Dutch Kitchen, 14278 East Lincoln Way (Route 30), Dalton, OH

PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME. (NEW) National Footbal League Hall of Fame. A must see for all you football fans. Placed last on this tour so that you can stay here as long as you like.


SWISS VILLAGE BULK FOODS. This is a major bulk food store in Sugarcreek. It’s a great time to stock up on items you won’t find anywhere but at an Amish store. You will be given a tour and learn about the operation.



LUNCH—Beachy’s Country Chalet, 115 Andreas Dr., Sugarcreek OH

ALPINE HILLS HISTORIC MUSEUM. This outstanding museum depicts the early days of the Swiss and Amish that settled in this area.

Collectors Decanters & Steins (NEW)


BROAD RUN CHEESEHOUSE, CURTAINS AND LACE. We will be touring the cheese making operation of this Blue Ribbon Swiss cheese manufacturer.

WARTHER CARVINGS. This is the most popular of the stops on all the tours. The Swiss Festival Rally has toured Warthers in Dover each of its 45 years. It’s a one-of-a-kind museum of carvings. There’s nothing like it anywhere in the world.

LUNCH—Hot Rod USA, 201 Stonecreek Rd NW, New Philadelphia, OH

BOLEK’S CRAFT SUPPLY. This is another new tour stop. Anybody into crafts will love this store. The prices are right and they have it all.

AUMAN MUSEUM OF RADIO AND TV. Do you remember your first TV? You’ll probably find it on display in this interesting museum. Also in Dover, it’s a walk through the history of radio and television.


KRESTVIEW WOODCRAFT. Amish builders of quality gazebos and lawn furniture. See “quality” at work! Some of the Swiss Festival Rally attendees have had furniture shipped as far away as Florida and still save money.

YODER’S AMISH HOME. This stop has always been popular on the Swiss Festival Rally tours. You will be given a guided tour of two homes and the barn and told of the customs and history of the Old Order Amish.

COBLENTZ CHOCOLATE. Everyone says this is the “sweetest” stop on all the tours.

LUNCH—Farmstead Restaurant, 4757 TWP RD. 366, Berlin, OH

AMISH AND MENNONITE HERITAGE CENTER. Time and time again the Swiss Festival Rally is told that Behalt, the 10 feet by 265 feet circular mural that visually depicts the history of the Amish should be required for everyone visiting Amish country. You will be given a 30 minute tour by knowledgeable guides who will also answer questions. There is also an Amish museum and an introductory movie on the Amish way of life.

BERLIN FURNITURE. A long time friend of WBCCI. Their beautiful handcrafted furniture is some of the finest Amish made furniture anywhere.



ERB’S COLEMAN MUSEUM. This private collection of Coleman products is probably one of the most extensive and complete collections you will ever see.

HERSHBERGER COUNTRY STORE. Remember the neighborhood grocery store? Well the Amish still need neighborhood stores and you will get to see one at Hershbergers.

STUTZMAN BUGGY-SHAFT AND WHEEL WORKS. Probably the rarest manufacturing company in the world! Wheels for horse drawn wagons are made from the original machines used in the 1700s and 1800s and, of course, without electricity. Wheels made here are in museums around the world.

LUNCH—Millers Dutch Kitchen, 108 E. Main St. Baltic, OH


R.W. LEATHER. This Amish family business specializes in leather belts, purses and makes other custom leather items that will last forever.

Thanks to Jim Moss for all the time and effort spent in setting up and arranging our tours for many years.